Hebrews 6:15 – And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

A season of patient endurance is a time of spiritual attack. It seems that we may never obtain the promise of God in our life. It is easy to wonder, “Will God really come through in my situation?” This oath showed that God’s promises are unchanging. Abraham’s trust in this was the gateway to the fulfillment of the promise. God came through for Abraham, even sealing His promise with an oath. Abraham waited 25 years from the time the promise was first made until Isaac, the promised son, was born. He believed in God. He patiently endured. He received the fulfillment. Abraham trusted in God’s word, which is the surest thing in the universe. It has rightly been said that “Any promise of God is as certain of fulfillment as if it had already taken place.” Throughout the Bible, there is often a gap of time between the giving of a promise and the performance of the promise. Abraham “patiently endured” for twenty-five years. In your case, maybe the same will be true because in the period of waiting, in the gap between the giving of the promise and the performance is when God does His greatest work.


Has the Lord given you a promise that has not yet come to pass? If so, are you confident that His promise will be fulfilled in His time? You see, patience is a necessary quality for all believers. God may tell you what His plan is for you, but often leaves out the timing of His perfect will. Therefore, you must learn to trust Him in the time from the giving of the promise to its fulfillment. Your challenge this week is to be patient as you wait for the Lord’s answer for your specific situation. Be patient as the Lord puts things into place that are necessary for His purposes to be carried out. When you trust God, you learn how to better walk with Him. You grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him through the study of His Word. This brings you to a place of assurance that cannot be denied. Not only do you have the promise of God, but also you have the very presence of Christ to strengthen you. Try reading Psalm 37:5 and then meditate on that verse this week, so you will find the strength to endure until you obtain God’s will. God was faithful to Abraham and He will be faithful to you as well. God bless you.