Luke 6:46 – “But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?”

The word Lord means Master; it places Him in complete authority over your life, that you belong to Him, and that you are obligated to do whatever He says. To call Him Lord and then fail to obey Him is contradictory. An empty professed acknowledgment of His lordship is not enough. True love and faith involve total obedience. You don’t really love Him and you don’t really believe on Him if you don’t do exactly what He says. Partial obedience to the Lord is still disobedience to His wishes. Hearing, believing, and doing the things Jesus taught, practicing them in your life, is what will count in the end.


If in fact He is your Lord then you have an obligation to keep His word, obey what He says to do and refrain from what He says you shall not do. Obedience is required for those who follow Jesus and who want to live according the bible. Your challenge this week is to seek to correct the areas of your life where you are compromising and acting against His will. For instance, do you struggle with unwholesome words coming out of your mouth? This week, work on controlling your tonge and speaking only positive words. Perhaps you have been unable to forgive someone of an offense they have committed against you? Ask God to show you how to forgive them and be set free from bitterness and hatred toward that person. Finally, Jesus would have you love other believers just as He has loved you. Who does God want you to love on this week that could really use a friend? Be used by the Lord and watch God bless you for doing so.