Romans 13:8 – Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.

The first part of this verse means “Pay your bills on time.” The counsel here is not to allow your accounts to become overdue. The one debt that should always be outstanding, is the obligation to love. The original word used for “love” signifies a deep, unselfish, superhuman affection which one person has for another. This supernatural love is not activated by any goodness in the person being loved. This kind of love is completely undeserved and unearned. This is a love that is unlike any other love, it goes out not only to the lovable but to your enemies as well. This love is primarily a matter of the will rather than the emotions. The fact that you are commanded to love indicates that it is something you can choose to do. Remember, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Christ loved the church and gave Himself for the church. Love found its perfect expression on earth in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our love to God manifests itself in obedience to His commandments.


Do you regularly look for ways to bless others in your life? Have you taken the time lately to show someone an undeserved kindness or service? Often times we can be so focused on our own needs and wants that we forget about the people next to us and how we can assist them. Paul says, as a believer you should always owe the debt of love to the people around you. This requires you to be acutely aware of those in your life that need to see God’s love. The challenge I have for you this week, is to find ways to love on the people in your life. Fill your wife’s gas tank or take her car to be washed for her before she asks you to. Leave a note in your husband’s car, telling him how thankful you are for him and how much he means to you and your family. Take a coworker to lunch and find out what is happening in their life, so you can be praying specifically for their needs. Try being extra kind to the strangers at the coffee shop this week by sharing a compliment about them. You see, by investing in others, you will be showing them the love of Jesus Christ and fulfilling the greatest commandment. I bet acting this way will even cheer you up and help you have  a better day. God bless your week.