Acts 2:42a – And they continued steadfastly …

The proof in the reality of your faith is in your continuance. These early believers proved the reality of their profession by continuing steadfastly in the activities that brought them into the presence of God. Reading the scriptures, remaining in fellowship, remembering communion and regular prayer are all vital practices for the strengthening of your relationship with the Lord. The early church was so dependent upon the Lord that they would not back down, no matter what. They were determined that if they faithfully continued practicing their faith, they would get through anything life would throw at them. Their focus was on God. This reminded me of someone I know who had the strange habit of collecting small plastic frogs. That’s right, plastic frogs. I remember thinking to myself, “Who in the world would want to collect frogs?” Then I was told they collected these frogs as a constant reminder to “Faithfully Rely On God,” F.R.O.G. Still a bit strange, but I figured if that is what helps you look to Jesus, more power to you. Now, every time I see a frog I too am reminded of this simple yet powerful truth. Sometimes God uses the simplest things in this world to remind us of Himself.


Why is it that when life gets hard or things just don’t go our way that one of the first things we want to do is quit, give up or run away? Whenever you come up against challenges in your day, throughout your week or for a certain season of time, do you immediately think “I must be doing something wrong?” The enemy would love to have you quit your marriage. The prince of this world would like to see you discouraged and defeated at your workplace. The father of lies would enjoy nothing more than to see you stop using your abilities for the betterment of the body of Christ. Listen, even when circumstances in your life are less than ideal, you can still be within God’s will for your life. Just because something is hard to endure doesn’t mean it is wrong. On the contrary, it may be the very thing you need to get through. Your challenge for this week is to continue steadfastly and “Faithfully Rely On God,” especially when you feel like giving up. Quitting is taking the easy way out. Continuing may be the harder road traveled, but it will also bring the greatest rewards in the end. God bless you.