Pastor RJ Granda

Beautiful wife, house on the water, two gorgeous little boys and a good paying job. What more could you ask for? Life was good to me. That was the only problem. My life was all about me.

My work background was firmly rooted in construction. Since the age of 14, that’s the only work I knew. Carpenter and concrete finisher by trade. In 1995, I started my own business. A self made man. Not exactly. As I got to the pinnacle, of what I thought was my career, things got complicated.

As I had graduated from Northwest Christian Academy (high school), God’s word had been deeply planted in my heart. At age 17, I received Jesus Christ as my Savior, but looking back, never lived one day for Him. Still I believed that He died on the cross for my sins, but that “agape” love for others did not exist. I lived for me, and as you can imagine, partied hard.

It was at the start of my business that things started to crumble. Cindy had begun attending CC Ft. Lauderdale and rededicated her life back to Jesus. He was never far from either of us, although we were from Him. Cindy came home one day and told me God was telling her to stay home with the kids and home school. This was a major problem as she brought home over half of the income before I left my job to go out on my own. Now, as operations manager over 11 branches of Norwest Mortgage, she was the main bread winner. At that point, I didn’t know where my next job would come from. Now, I see clearly that  He was always there and always provided. He had big plans for me. As I let Jesus more and more into my life, I realized there were a lot of things in my life that needed to change.

I realized that Jesus forgave me of everything I ever did or will do on that cross of Calvary, so who was I to harbor unforgiveness?  As He softened my heart He revealed to me that I would pass my bad habits off to my sons if I didn’t clean up my act. So the foul mouth went away, then the drinking, etc., etc.

I rededicated my life to Jesus in 1995 and began to serve Him in my house, in my business and in my church. In all three aspects he has blessed me more than I could ever hope or imagine. My children have grown in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. After 30 years, Cindy is still the love of my life as we co labor in God’s work.

As for my career in construction, God had a different set of blueprints for my life – the Master’s Plan. He sold the business, moved us to Tennessee, and made me assistant project manager of a house He is building in Brentwood. As assistant pastor of CC Brentwood, God gives me ample opportunities to put others before myself, which always reminds me of His Grace that reached down and pulled me into the safety of His love.

  • Born and raised: Miami, FL
  • Siblings: Don, Donna, Susan, Jerry
  • Favorite thing to do as a kid: Fish
  • 1st Job: Laborer for a concrete company
  • Favorite color: Silver (and anything)
  • Favorite Food: Easier to ask what I don’t like. SEAFOOD.
  • School History: Northwest Christian Academy (high school), Knox College, Valdosta St. College, FL International Univ. (3 years), State of FL Emerg. Medical Tech. Certification, State of FL General Contractors Certification, State of TN. General Contractors Certification, State of TN. Real Estate Affiliate Certification.
  • Who you married and when: 1986 to Cindy Howell
  • Children: Anthony, Dominick
  • Hobbies: Watching anything my kids do (hockey) and helping others
  • Favorite scripture verse: Matthew 6:33
  • Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere I vacation
  • Fun Fact: I have a God given gift to arrange flowers.
  • Anything else: I am very blessed to be able to serve the Lord in such a capacity and do what I love…helping others and furthering God’s Kingdom



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Sunday • 9:30 AM
Bible Study
Wednesday • 6:30 PM



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Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18