Isaiah 12:5 – Sing to the LORD, For He has done excellent things; This is known in all the earth.

God has done great things already. When the six days of creation came to an end, God looked upon His work and said that it was good. When God says it is good, you can be assured that it is good! It would be prudent to thank Him for a perfect salvation and thank Him for creation, even though sin has marred it. The truth is, both weeds and flowers grow in the same garden. Both the joy of a newborn and the pain of a sick loved one exist in the same hospital. The beauty of the rainbow is only visible once the rain has already fallen from the cloudy sky. Even though the earth has been cursed with sin, it is still beautiful. Try and imagine just how beautiful life will be once the curse is removed. We will certainly have the occasion to sing praises to God on that day. But what about praising Him today for the good that He brings? Even in the midst of incredible tragedy, God has a way of bringing forth His blessings.


Do you have a song of praise on your lips? Not because you FEEL like praising Him, but because you KNOW He is worthy to be praised. Just as the end of this week’s verse points out – This is known in all the earth. No matter how hard your current circumstances may be right now, there is always a reason to be thankful; always an opportunity to be grateful for. Your challenge this week is to be thankful for the blessings that God has placed right in front of you. I like to start by being appreciative for the many little and seemingly insignificant blessings. Things like that first parking space that is close to the store that I am going into, as well as the spot much farther away, that allows me to get in my required daily steps. Do you get upset when the elevator is out of order and you have to take the stairs? Perhaps this is Gods way of helping you to get your blood flowing a bit? You see, properly looking at these small situations will better prepare you for the greater blessings that will come your way. Just as God looked at His creation and said it was good, when you properly handle your trials, this is Gods way of creating in you a heart that is good. Let the Lord do excellent things in you this week and remember to be thankful when He does. God bless you.