James 5:16 – Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

A casual reading of this verse may give the impression that you are to share with other people all your secret sins. But that is not the thought at all. Primarily, James means that when you sin against someone else, you should be quick to confess that sin to the individual you have wronged. Also, rather than holding grudges and allowing resentments to build up, you should remain in fellowship with others through confession and prayer. You must confess, and then abandon sin as soon as you are aware that sin has come into your life. All sins should be confessed to God. However, sins against other people should be confessed to them as well. This is essential for your spiritual health and beneficial to your physical health. God wants you to be healed from whatever it is that may be hindering you. You see, God is the One who forgives sin and He is the One that provides you with spiritual and physical healing. What do you need the Lord to heal you from today?


As hard as it is to admit your faults to others, this act will help you tear down the walls of division that can built up in your relationships with others. Learning to openly communicate with the people that you hold dear will assist you in being more transparent with the Lord. I challenge you this week, not to put off until tomorrow, what can be handled today. Allow the Lord to do a work in you and restore you to complete health today. Right now, at this very moment. Do not delay any longer. Let the Lord help bring healing to all of your relationships. Perhaps God wants to heal you emotionally, in order that you may find total calm even when you are having a difficult week at home or at work. He may choose to heal you physically so that you can be an example of His grace. Do you believe He can heal you if He chooses to? God places certain people into your life so that you can pray for each other. He has given you complete access to Himself through Jesus Christ, so that you may speak to Him at anytime and for any reason. I pray the Lord will increase your faith in His ability to heal you. May God bless you.