Psalm 66:3-4 – Say to God, “How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You. All the earth shall worship You And sing praises to You; They shall sing praises to Your name.”

The opening verses of this psalm present a call and an expectation that one day all the earth will worship God, with a particular focus on the glory of God’s name. The works of God are designed to bring a sense of awe to all people. In this context, submit means “to cringe” before God. The term translated worship means “to kneel” or “to bow down.” The psalmist calls on the whole earth to join in singing the praises of God. It should be a joyful song and one that celebrates the outstanding qualities of His name. The praise should be glorious because the Subject Himself is glorious. The very words of the song of universal worship are given. We might paraphrase them as follows: “Lord, Your accomplishments are tremendous. Your power is so devastating that Your enemies cringe before You. At last the whole earth bows before You in worship. Everywhere people praise Your name in song.” This song will no doubt be a favorite when the kingdom age arrives. This Psalm also wonderfully reminds you that you can speak directly to God. You do not need to go through anyone for your prayers to be heard. God is always thrilled to hear from His children. Notice also, that you are being reminded of what types of things you should be saying to God. The things that speak of His awesome works and His amazing power.


What was the last thing you spoke to God about? Did you ask Him to change a certain situation in your life? Did you tell Him about how you are hurting at the current moment? When was the last time you approached the Lord and started out by saying “Lord, You are awesome!” or “Father, I am so thankful to You for being in my life!”? Can you imagine how wonderfully your prayers would be affected by starting out acknowledging the greatness of God? This week your challenge is to remember the awesomeness of God and then tell Him how thankful you are for Him. Even if this current season of your life is less than ideal, let Him know you are trusting Him to help you get through successfully. Practice thanking Him for the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that are just so amazing this time of year. Worship Him for providing the vibrant fall colors that are all around you. Thank Him, worship Him and praise Him each morning this week. Discover the multitude of ways that God’s works are awesome. Even when His ways are not directly related to you or your life, He is worthy of your praise. Too many times we overlook the obvious handy work of the Lord. God bless.