1 John 1:4 – And these things we write to you that your joy may be full.

John realized that the world is not capable of providing true and lasting joy for the human heart. This joy can only come through proper relationship with the Lord. When you are in fellowship with God and with the Lord Jesus, you possess a deep-seated joy that cannot be disturbed by earthly circumstances. As the poet said, “The source of all his singing is high in heaven above.”


Where does your source of joy come from? Perhaps it is when circumstances are going your way or when you are participating in one of your favorite activities or hobbies? You see, the joy that these types of things bring is temporal and will only last for a season. The joy that the Apostle John is writing about in this verse is joy that is full. Joy that is complete and permanent and will not fade away. Notice if you will that John is concerned about the readers joy, not his own joy. Because John’s happiness came from others being encouraged in God. Your challenge this week is to help others find their joy. Do something that will bless someone else’s heart and life. Watch how much pleasure it will bring to your heart when you see others joyful. God bless you.