Matthew 23:11-12 – But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

True greatness is not manufactured, it can only come from God as you obey Him. If you exalt yourself, God will humble you. But if you humble yourself, in due time God will exalt you. The character of the kingdom of heaven is seen in the fact that true greatness is exactly the opposite of what people suppose. True greatness is found in the one who serves and a disciple who humbles themself will possess the sense of gratitude. The Pharisees, who exalted themselves, would be humbled, and Jesus’ followers, by humbling themselves in service, will one day be exalted. Humility does not come naturally, it must be developed by the people of God. A humble servant was the one with true self-respect, having nothing to prove. But the hypocrites displayed their lack of self-respect by demanding respect from others, seeking to be served and noticed. Please notice that everyone will either experience voluntary humility now or involuntary humiliation in eternity. There is no third alternative.


When a person of character adds humility to their arsenal, they no longer think of themselves first. They are confident in their abilities and use their abilities for the benefit of others. The humble person isn’t self-promoting but is rather selfless. They think about others first and self last. They are frequently found to be extremely responsible as well as especially trustworthy. Your challenge this week is to work on your humility before God. Placing others before you throughout the week. Ask your coworkers how you can be praying for them and be sure to follow up with them regularly. See if there is a way you can help out your neighbor with a chore that they need completed or an errand you can run for them. This time of year, everyone is exceptionally busy and could use a helping hand. Perhaps one of your classmates could use some assistance with their homework or help preparing them for an upcoming test. Find different ways to put others first this week and to deepen your heart of humility. You will be blessed for doing so and you will be honoring God in the process. May the Lord bless you and lift your spirit.