John 6:37 – All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.

This verse is very important because it states in a few words two of the most important teachings in the Bible. The first is that God has given certain ones to Christ and that all those whom He has given will be saved. The other is the teaching of man’s responsibility. In order to be saved, you must come to the Lord Jesus and accept Him by faith. God desires all people to be saved, but the Bible never teaches that He chooses some to be damned. If anyone is saved, it is because of the free grace of God. But if anyone perishes forever, it is his own fault. All men are condemned by their own sinfulness and wickedness. In grace, God stoops down and saves individual people out of the great mass of humanity. God can do as He chooses, and no man can deny Him this right. We know that God will never do anything that is wrong or unjust. But just as the Bible teaches that God has elected certain persons to salvation, it also teaches that man is responsible to accept the gospel. God makes a universal offer, that if a man will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, he will be saved. God does not save men against their will. A person must come to Him in repentance and faith. Then God will save him. No one who comes to God through Christ will be cast out. The human mind cannot reconcile these two teachings. However, we should believe them even if we cannot understand them. They are Biblical teachings and are clearly stated here.


Once you have accepted salvation through the Lord Jesus, you have total access to Him at anytime and for any reason. When you come to Him, He will never turn you away. So why do we so often fail to come to Him when we are in trouble or have a specific need? Be challenged this week to get in the habit of going to the Lord at every opportunity and without delay. Before you start your day, take a moment to be with God and allow Him to prepare you for whatever lies ahead of you. When you find yourself getting worn out and you still have so much that needs to get finished, go to Him for the strength you require to get through your day. If you receive some bad news, take it to Him and let Him bring comfort to your situation. Finally, at the end of the day, thank Him for all the ways you were shown how to handle life’s ups and downs. May this week be spent walking closely with your God and your Savior. God bless you.