Isaiah 6:8 – Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Isaiah was not called to service until he had been cleansed for service. It wasn’t until after hearing the seraph’s words (vv. 3, 7) that he then heard the Lord’s voice. This is exactly how it is for you and for me. We first hear the written Word of God in order to hear the specific call of God. Notice, Isaiah didn’t passively say, “Lord, if You want, You can use me.” Rather, the original text indicates he said, “Behold me. Look at me, Lord.” Therefore, with the enthusiasm of an eager student who knows the answer, Isaiah raised his hand to get the Teacher’s attention and said, “Send me, Lord.” May we all be as motivated to place ourselves into the Lord’s service. The question “Who will go?” does not mean God did not know or that He only hoped someone would respond. He asked the question to give Isaiah the opportunity for service. The prophet knew that the entire nation needed the same kind of awareness of God and cleansing of sin he had received. So, he responded that he would willingly serve the Lord “Here am I!” How strange it is that the God of majesty asks for volunteers? He could easily create robots to do His work, or command angels to carry out His will. But no, God wants willing, surrendered servants. He looks for volunteers!


Are you willing to be sent by God? Are you eager to be used by the Lord? You see, God has work for you to accomplish and He will equip you for that work. You must begin with a willing heart to be effective in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. The next important step is to discern the voice of the Lord as He speaks directly to you. You must be in tune with the Spirit in order to hear the Spirit speaking to you. How do you know if God is the One talking to you? Ask yourself, “Does what I am hearing line up with the Word of God?” The Lord will never ask you to do something that is in direct opposition to the scriptures. God speaks through His word, confirms His message through your circumstances and through others so that you can be assured it is from Him. Your challenge this week is to be available to God and have an eager willingness to be used by Him. Determine, at the beginning of each day, that you will willingly respond to God’s instructions for that day. During your morning devotion, look for signs of God’s instructions for you that day. On your way into the office, as you pray, listen for the Spirit speaking to you, and providing insight. Listen for confirmation that God will give while you are meeting with friends and family. Be ready to respond as Isaiah did, “Send me.” May the Lord bless you always.

Have a God centered week,