1 Corinthians 3:6 – I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.

We all have different jobs to do and we all will achieve different results, but God is the One who accomplishes the work. When a farmer plants a seed, and then waters that seed, he really does not make it grow. The miracle of life does that. All the farmer does is provide the right environment for growth, and trust in the miracle of life. We do the same thing in ministering Jesus to other people. Some people can get frustrated because they want to water when God has called them to plant, or they want to plant when God has called them to water. Others are frustrated because they want to make the increase happen, when only God can do that. As servants, Paul and Apollos were not competing against each other but were complementing each other. Their purpose was to bring the church to maturity and Christ-likeness. Real fruitfulness in your life happens when you are perfectly content with what God has called you to do.


Being human means we have a natural tendency to be competitive in life. We compare ourselves to others all the time, saying things to ourselves like, “I wish I could be like he is” or “I am glad I don’t act like she does.” Many times, we do this subconsciously, not even realizing we are making these comparisons with others. God is concerned with who you are personally, how He made you specifically. He has a purpose for your life. Your challenge this week is to focus on being the person God created you to be and doing the job God has for you to do. Don’t focus your attention on others or compare yourself to others. Keep your eyes on God. Work with others this week, not against others. One way to combat the competitive attitude we all have toward others is to be thankful to God for the people He has placed in our lives. I know it helps me out quite a bit when I start to get frustrated with someone, to stop and pray for them right at that moment. Immediately the tension is released and I experience total peace. This week practice doing your part to the best of your ability and then let God do His part. The results will be much better. God bless you.