Matthew 10:38 – And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.

The cross, of course, was a means of execution. To take the cross and follow Christ means to live in such devoted abandonment to Him that even death itself is not too high a price to pay. Not all disciples are required to lay down their physical lives for the Lord, but all are called on to value Him so highly that they do not count their lives precious to themselves. You must make the decision once and for all to love Christ supremely and take up your cross and follow Him. To “carry your cross” does not mean to wear a cross around your neck or place a sticker on your car. It means you must confess Christ and obey Him in spite of shame and suffering. This means to die to self daily.


Dying to self is not something that comes easy for anyone. If you were to be honest, you would confess that you think about yourself more often than you think of anyone else throughout your day. Dying to yourself must be a conscious decision you make every moment. Your challenge this week is to do the opposite of what this verse is stating. This week take up your cross, follow close after Jesus and be found worthy of Him. In the times you would normally be silent about sharing your faith, choose to speak up. In those times when you would laugh at a dirty joke with others, choose to walk away. When you sense God wanting you to share truth with someone, choose to obey Him and speak the truth in love. in these ways you will found worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless your week.