Psalm 133:1 – Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Unity among believers is a sight to behold. However, unity does not demand that we see eye to eye on everything. On the matters of fundamental importance we most certainly must agree. On minor matters there is the freedom of differing viewpoints and opinions. In all things there must be an emphasis on the spirit of love. There can be unity without uniformity; we are all unique but that does not prevent us from working together in unity. All the individual members of the human body are different, but as they function in obedience to the head, there is beautiful unity. God never intended that everyone should agree on matters of minor importance. It is enough to agree on the basics. On everything else we may disagree as long as we can do it without being disagreeable. The real enemies of unity are things like jealousy, gossip, backbiting and lovelessness.


Have there been times that you have been disagreeable with a fellow believer over a minor matter? Do you not associate with those who do not see things in the Bible exactly the way you do? Division between believers is a great way to weaken and destroy the body of Christ. Love is always the main remedy that can unite believers once again. Your challenge for this week is to build unity in your relationships by expressing love to those in your life. Think about an old friend that you could begin the process of reconciliation with. Reach out and deal with that misunderstanding between you and a family member or coworker that God wants you to work out. Say you are sorry. Ask for forgiveness. Tell them you miss them. Show them you love them. Be the bigger person and take the first step. Remember, it is good and pleasant to God that His kids dwell together and are unified. God bless you.