Nehemiah 8:8 – So they read distinctly from the book, in the Law of God; and they gave the sense, and helped them to understand the reading.

Ezra and his helpers were the first in a long line of expository preachers who explained the Bible. This method of teaching has been blessed by God down through the centuries and continues to be an effective instrument for bringing Christians to spiritual maturity. Topical and textual preaching may often be inspiring and helpful but the spiritual benefits do not compare with those resulting from a preaching ministry like Ezra’s. Blessed indeed are the believers who are privileged to sit under expository teaching of the Scriptures. Reading the Word distinctly and explaining the Word in simplicity are still the great needs of the church today.


There is a great need in the world today for believers to know the Word of God in such way that they can effectively share the true meaning with individuals in need. There are many tools available to you today to help you understand what the Bible means. Such things as Bible Dictionaries that help you define the words within Scripture, Commentaries that aid in explaining the Word to you and radio stations with Biblical teachings for you to listen to and learn from. Last weeks challenge had you sharing the Word of God with others, this weeks challenge is to be ready to help someone understand the meaning of the Word. For many believers today, they may know what the Word says, but they simply don’t understand what it means. Jesus instructed His followers to “Go into all the world and teach them to observe all things I have commanded you.” Share the things that God has shown to you through His Word this week. God bless you.