Psalm 50:15 – Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

What a wonderful insight into the true heart of God. He loves to hear His people pray, and He loves to answer those prayers. He cherishes an intimate relationship between His people and Himself. Believer’s have full access to the Lord go heaven. He is the One you should take all your needs and concerns to, so He says to you, “Call upon ME.” Prayer is the proof of your trust in a God who cares for you. Remember, when you talk directly to God in prayer, you have His full and undivided attention. How wonderful. He is never too busy to hear from you and He never is uninterested in what you have to say. He is ready to respond to your need and He is fully equipped to completely rectify all of your difficulties. The one response He requires of you, is to give Him all the glory due to Him. This is a vital step that must not be overlooked or neglected. Thank the Lord for delivering you and placing your feet back on solid ground. Thank Him for showing you what His will is for you and how He wants you to bring Him glory.


God is telling you today to call upon Him. He wants you to ask of Him, to come to Him and to talk to Him. What reason can you give for not asking Him for help? Consider this, God at this very moment has the answer to your problem and God is already willing to respond to your need. What a wonderful perspective to have today. Listen, your challenge this week is to go boldly to the Lord and ask for His help. Do you have financial responsibilities that need to be met? He will make a way and deliver you. Do you have a heavy or broken heart? He will encourage and deliver you. Are you feeling like there is no way to accomplish everything on your todo list? He will help you and deliver you. Every time you feel the pressure of life weighing you down, remind yourself that He will deliver you. That is His promise to you this week. God to bless you.