Hosea 6:4 – O Ephraim, what shall I do to you? O Judah, what shall I do to you? For your faithfulness is like a morning cloud, And like the early dew it goes away.

The Lord’s argument here begins with a rhetorical question addressed both to Ephraim and Judah. The mood is one of despair and frustration. God’s people had rejected all His attempts to bring them to their senses. Their love for the Lord was at best short-lived and passed away quickly. Like the early morning fog or dew, any expression of loyalty quickly evaporated. God is saying here, “What am I going to do with you? I love you, but you continue to sin, and I am going to have to judge you!” Judgment is the strange work of God, He wants to save you, not judge you. But when you keep turning away from God, then the day comes when He must judge you. He wants to love you, He wants to have a relationship with you, He does not want to discipline you, but He will because it is the best thing for you.


How has your faith been doing recently? Do you trust the Lord to meet all your needs? Do you trust Him with your future? What good is your faith if you are only willing to trust God when things go well for you or only when things go your way? Faith says, “Despite my circumstances, I will trust that God will be with me and He will get me through this.” Your challenge this week is to not allow your faith to falter, but rather let your faith flourish. During the final week of my brother’s life, when it was evident that his body was failing, my family and I had nothing left but faith in God to carry us through this painful time. We clung to the One who promised that our time of mourning would be followed by comfort. (Matt. 5:4) We felt the pure love of God there with our family as we walked through the valley of the shadow of death. (Psa. 23:4) We were reminded of the promise of being reunited with my brother in heaven and our faith was strong. Faith grows when you face difficult times in your life. Trust in and hold on to the Faithful One this week and receive His strength when you are weak. Gods blessings be with you.