1 Corinthians 14:12 – Even so you, since you are zealous for spiritual gifts, let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel.

All spiritual gifts are meant for the edification of the church, so this must be your aim in which you desire to excel. Notice that Paul never discourages the eagerness for spiritual gifts, but seeks to guide and instruct so that in the use of these gifts, they will reach the highest goal and make the greatest impact. Spiritual gifts are for the benefit of others, not for the attention of self. For example, if you speak in a language that no one in the church can understand, how can this edify the people in the church? That is the important issue. Does it edify the church? Does it build up the believers? May your desire for spiritual gifts be driven by your desire for others to blessed and encouraged. I find that when I focus on blessing other people, I become blessed as well because I see God working in the heart of another person. I am confident that when you seek to bless someone in your life, you will be equally blessed.


Wouldn’t it be nice if putting others first came naturally? That being said, your challenge this week is to use your God given abilities, as much as you can, to bless the lives of others. Take a moment and ask yourself this question “Who do I know that has the greatest need that God can meet through my life, my resources or my capabilities?” Keep this in mind, that person may not necessarily be someone you know personally. Now, make a plan to meet that need and see how God will use you today. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to who needs a word of encouragement. Seek to find a friend or family member that needs you to pray for them and lift them up to God. Share a scripture with a co-worker and see how that lifts up their countenance. By letting God use you and work through your faith, you will witness the edification of the church, just as this verse promises.