James 5:16 – …pray for one another…

God knows the best way to ensure keeping proper relationships is for us to be praying for one another. Instead of holding grudges and allowing resentments to build up, we should maintain ourselves in fellowship with others through prayer. A mutual concern for one another is the way to combat discouragement and discord. Prayer has a way of softening your heart and strengthening your spirit.


You know you should be praying and you know you need prayer. But why is prayer so hard to maintain in your life? Why is it often the last resort rather than the first step? Most likely, because everything else in your life takes greater priority. Not intentionally but certainly practically, other responsibilities creep in and prayer is the first thing to be set aside. Your challenge is to pray with at least one person every day this week. Watch for opportunities to pray with co-workers at the office or with friends before you leave the coffee shop or a family member before you hang up the phone with them. Pray with them and then later that day lift them up in pray again. Let’s all make prayer a habit this year. God bless you.