Luke 10:27 – So he answered and said, ” ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.'”

A lawyer, an expert in the teachings of the Law of Moses, questioned Jesus about what he should do to inherit eternal life. He was trying to trick the Lord, to put Him thoroughly to the test. Perhaps he thought that the Lord would reject the law. To him, Jesus was only a Teacher, and eternal life was something he could earn or merit. The Lord took all this into consideration when He answered him. If the lawyer had been humble and penitent, the Lord would have answered him more directly. Under the circumstances, Jesus directed his attention to the law. What did the law demand? It demanded that man love the Lord supremely, and his neighbor as himself. Jesus told him that if he did this, he would live. At first, it might appear that the Lord was teaching salvation by law-keeping. Such was not the case. God never intended that anyone should ever be saved by keeping the law. The Ten Commandments were given to people who were already sinners. The purpose of the law is not to save from sin, but to produce the knowledge of sin. The function of the law is to show man what a guilty sinner he is. It is impossible for a sinful man to love God with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself. If he could do this from birth to death, he would not need salvation. He would not be lost. But even then, his reward would only be a long life on earth, not eternal life in heaven. As long as he lived sinless, he would go on living. Eternal life is only for sinners who acknowledge their lost condition and who are saved by God’s grace.


Yesterday the Missions Team traveled back from Haiti after spending a week doing various construction projects and loving on the children and families connected to Suzelle’s ministry, LakayTimoun. Many prayers were answered by the team and by those who were lifting us up in prayer throughout the week. The team worked so well together that it seemed as though we had known each other for years. We witnessed first-hand the byproduct of loving God as well as loving on others. When you love God you then want to love those He loves, and God loves everybody. In a world with so much hate and anger, it was nice to be able to see just how powerful God’s love can be. I saw 20 individuals with different backgrounds and different upbringings come together in God’s name to serve the people of Saint Michele and leave a little bit of themselves behind. Perhaps, this week, you could stretch yourself a little bit and love on others less fortunate than you are? Challenge yourself to serve someone that could use what only you can give. By doing so, you will be fulfilling the two greatest commandments God has given you to follow. May the Lord richly bless you.