2 Timothy 3:12 – Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

Persecution is an integral part of the life of a devout Christian. Paul considered it vital that young Timothy should be reminded of this. Otherwise, when he is called upon to go through deep waters, he might be tempted to think that he has failed the Lord or that the Lord is displeased with him for some reason. Timothy had experienced persecution before, was suffering under persecution now, and would undoubtedly continue in the sufferings of Christ after Paul’s execution. Distress belongs to the believer who commits himself to loyal obedience and growth in godliness. But it remains in the hands of each believer whether he will choose the life of godly obedience or shy away into the shadow of compromise. Do you ever feel that way? The fact is, persecution is inevitable for any and all who desire to live in a godly manner. The reason for this persecution is simple, living a godly life exposes the wickedness of others. People do not like to be exposed to their evil ways. Instead of repenting of their ungodliness and turning to Christ, they seek to harm the one who has revealed to them who they really are. It is totally irrational behavior, of course, but that is characteristic of fallen man.


Would you consider it your desire to live godly in this fallen world that you are living in? If so, please understand exactly what you are asking and wanting for yourself. You will be inviting times of hurt from those around you and seasons of pain from those that you love deeply. The reason the Apostle Paul is so confident that persecutions will come is because he faced them personally in his own life. He witnessed them firsthand in the lives of those around him who had a true heart for the Lord. Your challenge this week is to live godly even when it very difficult to do so. Living godly means doing the things the Lord has shown you and taught you over the years. Living godly means treating others the way you want to be treated. Living godly means speaking the truth to someone in a loving and caring way so they will respond to that truth willingly. Living godly means asking for forgiveness from those who you have wronged in some way. Living godly means responding and treating others in the same ways God has responded and treated you. Follow His steps this week and may God bless you.