Philippians 2:14 – Do all things without complaining and disputing,

Before their testimony for Christ could ever be effective in the community where they lived, the Philippians needed to set some things straight in their own assembly. Evidently the believers were complaining to God and  arguing with each other. They needed to show themselves as united and as one in Christ. This week’s verse gives a clear description of how your attitude should be toward working out God’s purposes in your own life. EVERYTHING is to be done for the Lord without complaining or arguing. The order of the Greek words here places emphasis on everything a believer does and suggests that those things are to be done continually. “Complaining” reflects a bad attitude expressed in grumbling and “disputing” reflects a legal connotation of arguing. When you allow God to work in you, you do everything without complaining or arguing. Unsaved people might be expected to complain and dispute, but Christians are to have changed lives. We do the work God has for us without being negative or rebellious.


What was the last issue that you complained about? Do you grumble so easily that you do not even know you are doing it? Why is it so much easier to fuss about a difficulty, rather than finding the good in all circumstances? Your challenge this week is to do everything without complaining. That’s right, every time you feel the urge to complain about someone or about something, stop and hold your tongue from speaking negatively. Decide to stop feeding this kind of negativity into your heart. Refrain from acting upon any thought that causes you to have evil intensions against another person. Rather, take a moment and pray for that person and ask the Lord to bless them in some way that will bring them closer to God. Practice finding the good in every situation that you find yourself in this week. You can do this, and in the process, you will find that your week will be much more joyful. We all know that it is much easier to complain than to find the good in this world. But, this is exactly how God would have us live our lives every day. Don’t just act in a certain way because it is easy, act in the way that is right and that honors the Lord. God bless you.