Psalm 62:8 – Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.

The psalmist instructs you to pour out your heart before Him with a continual trust and to come to the realization that He is your Refuge. What a powerful reminder this truth is in the current climate of this world we all live in. With all the political unrest, the senseless shootings and wildfires running rampant in this country, it can become very difficult to trust in the Lord at all times. Do you remember the last time you spent a notable amount of time pouring out your heart to the Lord? I’m not talking about your discipline of daily devotions, as good and as important as those are. I’m talking about crying out to God from the inner depths of your soul, from deep down inside of you. If you could do exactly that, then I can assure you, that you will discover that God truly is your strength in your weaknesses and your refuge in your moments of despair. He loves to show Himself faithful to His children. He loves to show up at the seemingly last moment and miraculously provide your need.


Do you truly know God as your place of refuge and as your source of total security? Please notice, I did not say “Do you feel like God is you refuge and security?” because how you feel has nothing to do with trusting in Him. How you feel may bring you to that place of pouring out your heart to God, but how you feel has nothing to do with trusting in Him. Your challenge this week is to set aside your feelings, for a moment, and go to the Lord with great anticipation of meeting with Him and hearing from Him through prayer. Pray BIG prayers this week. Pray for God to move in a BIG way for you. Let Him know how much you love Him and how much you are thankful for Him providing you with life. Ask Him to move that mountain of stress you are carrying. Despite any difficult circumstances that are currently in front of you, ask the Lord to fill you with His joy this Christmas season. Pour out your heart to Him and watch God bless you in amazing and supernatural ways.