I grew up in the Bible belt, going to church every Sunday, and my parents are strong believers.  I would have always said I was a Christian from the time that I learned to talk, but I did not truly know Jesus and I was basically a kid with good morals, but no real faith.  I do not know if I ever had a real “conversion moment,” but when I moved from Alabama to Mississippi when I was 15, I took it as a chance to reinvent myself and thankfully Christ took hold of my life.  I got really involved in a good youth group, I joined the church worship team and I asked God to use me as He would.  I got very serious about my faith, got into the Word and I believe I sorted out what God was calling me to do.  Over the years I have stayed focused on God’s calling for me to use my musical talents for His glory; and to use the expression of music as worship to minister to the church.