2 Thessalonians 3:13 – But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good.

These faithful Christians were discouraged by the conduct of the careless saints who refused to work. “If they don’t have to work, why should we?” was their argument; and Paul nipped it in the bud. Sin in the life of a believer always affects the rest of the church. As members of His body, we belong to each other and we affect each other. The bad example of a few saints can destroy the devotion, and hinder the service of the rest of the church. This was a proper encouragement for those who were working as they should. Few things are more wearying than seeing others take advantage of Christian generosity. But, we must never let the manipulations of some discourage us from doing good to the truly needy. Those who have been working faithfully are encouraged to press on. It is the end of the race that counts, not the beginning; so, you should not grow weary in doing the right thing. How wonderful this is! As believers who hold the blessed hope we cannot not grow weary of working for the Lord. As Moody put it, “I get weary in the work, but not weary of the work.”


May you never get tired of doing the right thing at the right time. You see, doing something good at the wrong time does not count. You must have the correct timing to really make the proper impact. Your challenge this week is to work on making good choices, especially when that choice is difficult to make. When an opportunity comes your way to show kindness to another, may you always choose to do good without hesitation. When you are confronted with several choices, may you choose the path that brings God the greatest glory, even if  it brings you a perceived loss. God will reward you for making the right decision in the end. God sees your heart, and He knows your frustrations and struggles. He knows how hard it is for you to live a godly life around so many compromising believers. However, God has not call you to go with the flow. He desires that you walk uprightly regardless of what may be going on around you. On Monday, August 21, 2017 many of us saw, with our own eyes, how the heavens declare the glory of God as we witnessed a total solar eclipse. The beauty of that sight showed me that God cares so much for us that He allows His creation to point directly to Him and His handiwork. Some may call it Mother Nature or just an accident, but, I choose to attribute that amazing scene to an Awesome God! So, if God cares that much for you, that He chose to pay attention to the details in creation, I think we should pay attention to the details of our continued faithfulness. May God bless you and use you today.