Matthew 25:37 – This verse was in one of my morning devotions and this quote really struck me… “God’s will is never a destination, His will is always a process and always found in the journey!” Why do we so often focus on “getting somewhere” instead of just “being”? Knowing God is the richest relationship you can ever have. Knowing He is faithful, knowing He is trustworthy, knowing He is God! Do you know these things today? I mean, do you really know the creator? If you know Him, you will love Him.

Jesus made this very clear, if you will do for others in their time of need, it is as if you did it for Him. Notice the things you must do for others, meet their physical needs. To serve Jesus is to assist others in the smallest of ways. Food and water, shelter and clothing, visiting when sick or in trouble. May times we wrongly think that serving the Lord requires great spiritual strength and spiritual abilities. When in reality, Jesus wants us to find needs we can help provide to those around us.


Do you find yourself consumed with your own necessities to the point where you don’t see loved ones around you that need even greater help? Your challenge this week is to look for ways to meet the physical needs of others. If you truly want to do anything for the Lord, you must be mindful of the affairs of those God allows into your life. This week I want you to notice the co-worker who looks a little down or the neighbor who is showing signs of being overwhelmed. Then, see how God would have you come along side of them and help them out.