Titus 3:14 – And let our people also learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful.

This is a consistent theme throughout Paul’s letter to Titus. Paul was deeply concerned that the believers might be barren and unfruitful, yet still have a “wonderfully” confident assurance of their standing in the Lord. Instead of being unfruitful, God’s people must learn to maintain good works and to meet urgent needs. We must “learn” to maintain good works. It’s something that must be worked at. A great many people think it is easy; we need to know what God considers good works, and we need to learn how to do them. Titus was to instruct the other believers to show hospitality, to care for the sick and afflicted, and to be generous toward those who were in desperate need. Instead of working primarily to meet your own needs and wants, you should also have the unique Christian vision of earning money in order to share your resources with the less privileged. This mindset will save you from selfishness and the tragedy of a wasted and unfruitful life.


Paul had been stressing the need for good works, not to earn salvation but to serve others. He gives a real practical way that they can start demonstrating their faith through good works. They can begin meeting the needs of other people. Can the Lord rely upon you when it comes to meeting the needs of those less fortunate than yourself? Your challenge this week is to be watchful for opportunities to meet someone’s needs with the abundance of what you already have. What excess do you have in your life because God wants you to share? Listen, money is not the only resource that is available to you for sharing. Think of the excess of clothing that you could share or the ‘extra’ items stored in your garage that someone else could immediately put to good use. I bet if you make those things available to the Lords use, He will find a good home for those things. A home that would benefit from your generosity.

Grace be with you,