1 Peter 4:9 – Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.

One means of demonstrating love to the brethren is by practicing hospitality ungrudgingly. Hospitality is a tremendous privilege. No matter how slight the kindness, it will be rewarded greatly, even just a cup of cold water given in the Lord’s name will be rewarded (Matt. 10:42). In New Testament times, hospitality typically meant housing and feeding travelers for two to three days with no expectation of payment in return. Being truly hospitable required personal sacrifice and a willingness to serve others cheerfully without being compensated in anyway.


There is little sense in trying to serve someone if you are going to serve them with a poor attitude. Do not help someone and then walk away and complain about what you had to do for them. Jesus willingly and joyfully went to the cross for you, because He knew the benefit you would receive from His sacrifice. Your challenge for this week is to be nice to people regardless of how they treat you or act toward you. Focus more on how the Lord will be pleased by your actions rather than the poor actions of others. Do you know someone who could use a helping hand this week? Then help them. How could you meet a family members need this week? Then meet that need. Is there a verse that would speak directly to a friend of yours this week? Then send it to them. Try and think of creative ways to bless those around you today and everyday this week. God bless you.