Colossians 2:6-7 – As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.

Paul encourages the believers in Colosse to continue in the same way in which they had originally begun, that is, by faith. They had acknowledged that in Jesus there was complete sufficiency. He was enough, not only for their salvation, but for their entire Christian life. They should not stray from Him by accepting the teachings of men, no matter how convincing their teachings may sound. The word “walk” is one that is often used of the Christian life. It speaks of action and progress. You cannot walk and remain in the same place. So it is in the Christian life. We are either going forward or falling backward. The expression “rooted” refers to what took place at the time of your conversion. It is as if the Lord Jesus is the soil and you find your roots in Him, drawing all your nourishment from Him. This emphasizes the importance of having your roots go deep, so that you will not be moved. Since the Lord Jesus is our foundation, Paul tells us that we are being “built up in Him.” We were rooted once and for all, but we are continually being built up. Paul does not want Christians to be coldly doctrinal, but he wants their hearts to be captivated by the marvelous truths of the gospel, so that they in turn will overflow in praise and thankfulness to the Lord.


Perhaps your walk with God has been unusually difficult or surprisingly distant lately? Maybe you have been tempted recently in ways that you have previously never had any issues? This can be an indication that you are out of step with the Lord. The great thing about walking in Jesus, is that you do not walk alone. You have been given the Holy Spirit and He is with you at all times. Therefore, you possess the God given ability to walk in a way that is well pleasing to your Heavenly Father. The key is to be sensitive enough to the voice of God, and to follow through with what He is telling you. Just as you have trusted Jesus for your salvation, you must trust Him to guide you throughout your life. This week, your challenge is to remember the day when you accepted Jesus into your heart and then reignite the joy and peace that you experienced at that time. Thank God for how far you have come in your spiritual growth. Acknowledge the fact that you are still a work in progress and that there is still more for you to learn. He has done a great work in you already and He will continue that work until you are with Him in Heaven. May the Lord bless you.