Matthew 13:58 – Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Unbelief largely hindered the Savior’s work in Nazareth. Jesus healed only a few sick in that city. It was not because He could not do the work, for man’s wickedness can never restrain God’s power. But He would have been blessing people where there was no desire for blessing, filling needs where there was no consciousness of need, and healing people who would have resented being told they were sick. Jesus would have been able to heal them and to work radically among them, but because of unbelief, He was limited in what He could do for them. I encourage you to be open to your coworker who wants to talk with you at the office or to the one who sits next to you at lunch tomorrow. Jesus may be using them in a very real sense. Don’t make the mistake of saying, “I know him. The Lord could never use that guy!” or “I know more than she does. How could the Lord possibly use her to speak to me?” Wonderful things begin to happen when you start out by saying, “Lord, I’m actively looking for You. I believe You are going to work in my life in unexpected ways, at unexpected times, and through unexpected people, all for Your glory.”


May you never hinder the Lord’s ability to do a miracle in your life due to unbelief. I believe we have a much better perspective toward belief in Jesus’ willingness to change the circumstances in our lives because we have the benefit of looking back upon the many miracles He performed during His life on earth. Still, we are not completely immune to doubting that God will provide for us in our desperate time of need, so we must repeatedly remind ourselves that He can accomplish every request we bring before Him. Your challenge this week is to fight against doubt and unbelief by believing God will do exceeding abundantly more than you ask or think. I had the pleasure of having coffee with an old friend today. I found our time to be so encouraging as we heard about what the Lord has been doing in each of our lives. But what really blessed me was how much God allowed each of us to speak into the others life. Knowing how the Lord is working in a friends life, can strengthen your faith that God is able to do the same thing with you. Allow God to empower you to bless the people around you this week. May God bless you richly.