Zechariah 4:6b – … ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts.

Throughout Scripture, oil is a picture of the Holy Spirit—and a perfect picture it is. Oil brings about lubrication and eliminates friction—just as the fruit of the Spirit is love (Galatians 5:22). In addition to being a source of illumination, oil brings about healing. Just as the good Samaritan poured oil in the wounds of the man who had been beaten, James instructed the elders to anoint with oil those who were sick (5:14). Oil is also the base of costly fragrances (Matthew 26:7). Truly, the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word for us. He reduces the friction between us. He heals our hurts. He is a soothing perfume that allows us to take on a fragrance that is very unlike our earthly nature. This world needs more of the Holy Spirits influence upon the lives of Gods people.


Doing things entirely in your own strength can become very wearisome over an extended period of time. Don’t you find it extremely helpful when a friend or two help you out with a project that you need to accomplish? In a much greater capacity, God wants you to know that He has given you the Holy Spirit in order to help you with the things He has for you to do in this life. Your challenge this week is to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit more than you do on your wisdom or your abilities. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you how He wants the events of your day to unfold. Consider the delays and setbacks that are out of your control as His way of protecting you from harm and placing you right where He wants you to be. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirits guidance by watching for new ways to interact with the people around you that may be hurting or in great need. This week live by the power of the Spirit. God bless you.