Acts 12:5 – Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.

The church didn’t come before God with a kind of grocery–list type prayer. They went to God and earnestly prayed that this man Simon Peter be delivered. Their hearts were in their prayers. The church in Jerusalem prayed earnestly for Peter, especially as the death of James was so vivid in their minds. G. C. Morgan comments, “That force of earnest, halting prayer was mightier than Herod, and mightier than hell.” Prayer can soften a hard heart. Prayer can deliver a bound soul. Prayer can heal a physical ailment. Prayer can restore a broken relationship. The Lord has chosen to work through the avenue of prayer in order to teach you how to talk to Him, and depend on Him. What is there that prayer cannot do for the needs of people and the glory of God?


Your heart must always be in your prayers, if you truly expect God to do a powerful work for you and for others. Having The Lord answer your prayer is one of the most rewarding experiences for believers. To know God hears from you and to witness God move on your behalf is such a blessing. What is happening in your life that needs constant prayer? Who do you know that could use your consistent prayer? Your challenge this week is to talk with God in prayer. Do you find your finances are getting tighter? Ask God to show you ways to be a better steward with your money and to open opportunities to make ends meet. Do you have a friend who is struggling in their marriage? Ask God to show them the way to rekindle their love. As the church came together and prayed for Peter, you too can come to God and ask Him to work a miracle in your life. May God bless you as you focus on talking with Him each day this week.