our vision

Who We Are

Calvary Chapel Brentwood is a Christian fellowship where we gather for the purpose of knowing and glorifying Jesus Christ. We desire to see all people become committed to live as followers of Jesus Christ. As the church is growing our vision also is growing. Consequently, we are a fellowship in the process of constant development by God.

Acts 2:42 says the early church, “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers.”

Our emphasis is expositional teaching of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation, fostering a community of believers in Jesus Christ, sharing the Lord’s Supper and prayers offered to God. Training and equipping the saints to be the work of ministry here on earth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to know God personally and make Him known to others by Encouraging Believers to Engage Their Faith.

We desire to reach out to hurting people with God’s healing love, acceptance and forgiveness so that they experience restoration through Christ. We believe our mission is the same as Jesus announced for Himself; to preach to the poor, bind up the broken-hearted, set free those held captive, and to proclaim liberty to those who are oppressed.

While people are being restored, we desire to train and equip them for ministry to others as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Finally, we desire to be a community of believers who make up a united fellowship, where people are loving one another, sharing life and resources together as members of the Body of Christ.

We believe the pattern for our church is given in Acts 2:42-47, including devotion to the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, prayer, ministry to those in need, sharing meals together with gladness of heart, worship, and that God will add to the church those that believe.

Our desire is to go out beyond the “Christian camp” into the world to expand the kingdom of God through evangelism. We believe God has given every Christian a “sphere of influence” in which to make an impact for Christ.

Core Values

SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE – In everything we and others do we will do our best and expect others to do the same.

SPIRIT OF HUMILITY – We must work from the right heart, working to always hold others up.

SPIRIT OF TRUTH – We hold Gods Word as our standard, we will never function outside of scripture to achieve our goals.

SPIRIT OF UNITY – We should always consider others and strive for togetherness.

SPIRIT OF DEDICATION – We will be people of our word and committed to follow through with our promises.

SPIRIT OF JOY – We want others to know we love what we do by the way we act.