about us

Here at Calvary Chapel Brentwood we take the Bible literally; simply teaching The Word simply.  Each message is taken directly from the Bible and taught scripture by scripture, verse by verse so that all can understand what God is saying to us, and apply it to a normal, everyday life. “Rejoice always” may seem unobtainable, but according to God’s Word, that is His Will, this is exactly what He wants us to strive for in this life. God’s Word is powerful and alive. So, regardless of our own trials and celebrations, He is speaking directly to each one of us according to our need at that moment in time.

Jesus Christ invites everyone to follow Him, reminding us that He is our shepherd and will never leave us or abandon us. As the apostle Peter stepped out from the security of the boat, Jesus stretched out His loving hand and saved him from sinking – just as He rescues us every day when we lose our focus.

Calvary Chapel Brentwood encourages a full time, personal relationship with Jesus Christ that produces a positive change in lifestyle experiences.  We also promote fellowship with our brothers and sisters for accountability that builds us up to spread the Gospel and bring others to Jesus Christ. God sent His Son to be the Savior of the World, and it is our responsibility to be witnesses, spreading the Agape love of Jesus Christ to everyone. It is God’s Will that none be lost and all come to repentance. We must turn away from sin, so we may obtain a positive change in lifestyle.

960 Heritage Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

P.O. Box 562
Brentwood, TN 37024